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WCSU to feature film screening and director Q&A: ’One Vote’

Image of 'One Vote' posterDANBURY, CONN. — Western Connecticut State University will host a screening of “One Vote” at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018, in Room 122 of White Hall on the university’s Midtown campus, 181 White Street in Danbury. A question-and-answer session with director Christine Woodhouse will follow. The event is free and open to the public.

WCSU Professor of Communication and Media Arts Dr. JC Barone believes watching “One Vote” is a critical opportunity for the American public.

“We see that elections have consequences and voting counts. Forty-seven percent of eligible voters stayed home in 2016. We have fought for the privilege to vote through war, legislative struggles and grassroots movements. We still face efforts to limit voting. The importance of the vote cannot be overstated — it gives people a voice, holds officials accountable and protects rights.”

Barone, a producer and director, is at the forefront of the university’s award-winning show, “Election Connection.” The show covers political races and issues important to western Connecticut via broadcasts over cable, radio and a live stream on election night from 8 p.m. to midnight. It also provides the university’s political science, journalism and media students with hands-on experience and preparation for the workforce in communication-related fields.

Barone said he chose to screen “One Vote” both because of its current relevance and because a WCSU media production alumnus, Jon Mullen, worked on the promotional trailer.

The documentary recently received Omaha Film Festival’s 2018 Jury Award. Featuring Warren Buffett, Katie Weitz and Brenda Williams, “One Vote” portrays American voters’ Election Day experiences and addresses the importance of democratic participation. It was filmed in five locations on Election Day 2016, captures voter diversity and avoids partisan politics.

Directed by Christine Woodhouse and written by Seth Woodhouse, the 78-minute film bears witness to unsung stories and obstacles that comprise our democracy: the charismatic owner of the last tavern polling place in the U.S., an Alaskan family that travels by dogsled to reach the polls, a renowned American investor who devotes his Election Day to transporting voters in Omaha needing a ride, a gospel-singing physician who heals and empowers disenfranchised citizens in rural South Carolina and a former felon who casts an emotional vote in Kentucky for the first time since his right to vote was restored.

For more information, contact Barone at or the Office of University Relations at (203) 837-8486.


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