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WCSU Entrepreneur of the Year Award honors Bridgewater Chocolate

image of Erik Landegren and Andrew Blauner of Bridgewater Chocolate
Erik Landegren and Andrew Blauner of Bridgewater Chocolate

DANBURY, Conn. — Erik Landegren and Andrew Blauner of Bridgewater Chocolate are the recipients of WCSU’s 2020 Macricostas Entrepreneur of the Year Award. A breakfast celebration will be held at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 25, 2020, at the Ethan Allen Hotel, 21 Lake Ave. Extension, Danbury.

Founded in 1995, Landegren and Blauner have expanded Bridgewater Chocolate to multiple locations and established the company as a premier candy producer whose products are eagerly anticipated at every holiday and special occasion.

Landegren, a native of Sweden, moved to New York to open the Nordic-style restaurant called Aquavit. Later, he and his wife Patti moved to Bridgewater, Connecticut, where he managed the Bridgewater Village Store and started making chocolates. Blauner joined the operation in 1999 and runs the business side of the company.

Western Connecticut State University designates the Entrepreneur of the Year award annually to recognize local business leaders whose drive, intelligence and creativity lead to notable business success. The program’s benefactor is Constantine “Deno” Macricostas, the founder of Photronics Inc., in Brookfield, who is a longtime supporter of WCSU and its students.

Landegren and Blauner took different paths to Bridgewater Chocolate. Landegren has always worked with food. Blauner had a career in television, movie production and communication before joining Bridgewater Chocolate.

Today they operate out of a 25,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Brookfield. Now celebrating the company’s 25th anniversary, Bridgewater Chocolates sends its confections throughout the world, with the bulk of sales coming through mail-order and corporate sales. Retail outlets, including those in Brookfield, Bridgewater and West Hartford, comprise remaining sales.

One key to success is the personal attention each confection receives. Most employees have been with the company more than a decade. They mix the chocolate, hand-pack the gift boxes, and tie ribbon and bows on each. Even the candy bars are wrapped by hand.

 At the award breakfast, Landegren and Blauner will share their entrepreneurial journey and plans for the future of the company. For reservations please visit

For more information, call the Office of University Relations at (203) 837-8486.



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