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Student meteorologists provide coverage, analysis as severe weather hits Connecticut

DANBURY, CONN. — Students interested in pursuing a degree in meteorology have a rare opportunity at Western Connecticut State University, where the weather can change on a moment’s notice. Mark Twain noted the highly variable and often wild atmospheric extremes of the region. His musings evolved many years ago to the often-heard commentary, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, wait a minute” — but his observation still rings true.

That became evident on Tuesday, May 15, when four tornadoes, a macroburst and a microburst converged upon Connecticut. Four of WCSU’s student meteorologists — Paul Taschereau, Stephen Puglisi, Nick Uhlman and Zack Duhaime — put their education to work and covered the freak weather event from all angles. They created a video with local media partner, Charter Communications, for broadcast on local access television and multiple social media platforms. Watch the storm coverage [here]

WCSU has the only undergraduate meteorology program in the State of Connecticut and one of only a few in the Northeast. The program offers a solid science degree curriculum that meets American Meteorological Society recommendations and National Weather Service employment requirements.

It’s a small program with enhanced faculty mentoring and opportunities for student-faculty research collaboration — along with particular strength in broadcast meteorology. WCSU’s facilities include the latest green-screen broadcast technology.

Students in WCSU’s meteorology program have access to strong internship relationships in southern New England and the New York metro area, enhanced by the program’s biennial Tri-State Weather Conference. WCSU student meteorologists are well-prepared for employment following graduation or graduate studies in the physical sciences, and many have gone on to become on-air weather personalities both in Connecticut and in other markets.

WCSU boasts an active student-run Meteorology Club, which is a student chapter of the American Meteorological Society. Members participate in local activities and attend regional and national conferences.

Students in the program also have the chance to work and receive credit or compensation in WCSU’s widely recognized Weather Center that has numerous clients and corporate partnerships. It also provides student activities that include community outreach, research, Bridge and STEM programs.

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