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Physician to discuss environmental exposures and mental health

image of Dr. Aly Cohen
image of Dr. Aly Cohen
Dr. Aly Cohen

DANBURY, Conn. — The Western Connecticut State University Institute for Holistic Health Studies (IHHS) will present Integrative Physician Dr. Aly Cohen for a discussion about “Are Environmental Exposures a Danger to Your Mental Health?” at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2019, in Ives Concert Hall in White Hall on the university’s Midtown campus, 181 White St. in Danbury.

Cohen will discuss evidence-based data on everyday chemicals and electro-magnetic field (EMF) exposure, and how they contribute to mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and ADHD. She will discuss dietary approaches to reduce toxicity, clean drinking water, beneficial supplements, indoor air quality, sleep hygiene, stress management and safe use of cellular technology. Cohen also will provide practical tips and resources to empower attendees on effective ways to limit environmental exposures in order to reduce mental health risks, better manage current conditions and improve overall wellbeing.

Cohen has a website and blog, The Smart Human. “Everybody can become a ‘smart human,’ if the appropriate information is presented to them,” her website states. “Knowing the potential threats in your environment will give you the option to choose better.”

IHHS Director Christel Autuori invited Cohen to speak on campus. Autuori aims to provide the community with programs and presentations reflecting holistic and integrative approaches to health and wellness.

“There are so many chemicals that we come into contact with in our daily lives, and we don’t even think about it,” Autuori said. “There are pesticides and insect repellants, GMOs, chemicals in cleaning products, radon in basements, fumes from home furnishings and soft goods like carpeting, fire retardants in clothes and electro-magnetic radiation from our electronic devices. We may not be consciously aware of it, but this exposure does have a negative effect on us both physically and mentally.”

General admission tickets are $20, WCSU employee tickets are $10 and WCSU students are free with valid ID. WCSU alumni can purchase tickets for $10 with a special discount code available from the Alumni Office. Get tickets at



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