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Statement from WCSU President Dr. John B. Clark – Nov. 1, 2019

Dear members of our university community,

Last night, our university community was subjected to the random distribution of hate filled flyers and inscriptions on our university property. I wanted to assure you that a full scale police investigation is underway, which includes frequent communication with representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Connecticut State Police, and Danbury Police with review of footage from our surveillance cameras as well as interviews with individuals who may have witnessed any of this despicable and utterly unacceptable behavior.

I am appealing to all members of our university community who may have witnessed this disgusting behavior to contact our University Police immediately at (203) 837-9300, please make sure to give your name and phone number. Your reports will be kept confidential and will be immensely helpful in the investigation. Have no doubt that we are treating this as an attack on our university community and making every effort to see that those responsible are caught and properly punished. I am fully committed to the absolutely necessary goal this does not happen again. We must be ever vigilant to protect our university against these hateful attacks.

There is a distinct possibility this is the work of outside agitators. If correct, we will take the appropriate action to defend our university against such virulent attacks and take action against these individual(s). I want to state directly and without equivocation that if any member of our university community is found to be party to these revolting actions they will be subject to the severest disciplinary actions, including dismissal as well as possible civil and criminal actions.

I am both shocked and immensely saddened about this sick and outrageous behavior, especially since our university has worked so hard to be a warm, diverse and caring community for all, no matter their race, color, gender, sexual orientation/identification, disability and age. All members of our community should feel comfortable, safe and secure at the university. Indeed, we all should feel that WCSU is our second home.

Again, please rest assured that we are taking every measure possible and working with our law enforcement agencies to find and prosecute these sick individuals and defend our university.

Dr. John B. Clark


Western Connecticut State University