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Destined to Excel: From Eagle Scout to Music Education major, Sarah Seo makes the most of her opportunities

Sarah Seo
Sarah Seo with her "Cultivate Kindness" Eagle Scout project
Sarah Seo with her “Cultivate Kindness” Eagle Scout project.

DANBURY, Connecticut — Sarah Seo, a 2023 New Milford High School graduate, is nearing the completion of her first semester as a Music Education major at Western Connecticut State University. A Kathwari Honors Program participant, Seo is already ahead of the game, having completed most of her required General Education classes via Advanced Placement (AP) classes in high school. Excelling is something that seems to come naturally to Seo, who recently accomplished a milestone by becoming the first female Eagle Scout in Danbury.

In 2018, the Boy Scouts of America began allowing girls to become Boy Scouts. Danbury Troop 252 for girls began in March 2019 when Seo was 14. She had already determined that she was in search of more adventure than she thought she could get as a Girl Scout, so Seo was one of the first three girls who joined the troop, along with her younger sister, Hannah. Troop 252 has since grown to 10 members, the majority of whom are from Danbury. In 2023, Seo was the first member to attain the rank of Eagle Scout; her sister and another of the first three members of the Troop are on the path to become Eagle Scouts next year.

“The Boy Scouts told us that anything we wanted to do, they could make it happen,” Seo said, citing a trip to West Point, New York, and Washington, DC; rock-climbing, camping, white water rafting and more. “It’s very leadership oriented,” she explained. “The students lead, and the adults are there to make sure we are safe.”

As a requirement for attaining Eagle Scout, Seo had to successfully complete a large community project before she turned 18 and aged out of scouting. The project was a large mural that she created at the New Milford Youth Agency called “Cultivate Kindness,” which focused on kindness, diversity and inclusivity. In order to succeed, Seo had to build upon her leadership skills to solicit donations of art supplies from local businesses and encourage others in the community to participate in the painting. The time frame to finish the project was tight, and Seo said she is proud of what she accomplished before the deadline.

Also, as part of her scouting experience, Seo participated in a National Youth Leadership Training program. “It’s really what fueled me to want to become a music teacher,” she said. After looking at several options when considering where to attend college, Seo recognized that WCSU would be the best choice because of its music program. “It’s also close enough to home to commute,” she added. “I love my family and I wanted to stay near home.”

Seo’s instrument of choice is violin, which she has played since her days in the New Milford Public School System. Now that she’s a Music Education major at WCSU, she’s also learning how to play piano and develop her voice.

Asked about a highlight of her time at the university so far, Seo enthusiastically spoke about the private lessons she receives as a music major. “For the first time in my life, I have a private lesson teacher, Belinda Whitney,” Seo said. “She’s been on Broadway and in some of the biggest movies I know, and it’s so cool that she’s working with me! Now I’m really learning technique and things I had not learned before.”

As her first semester winds down, Seo looks back at what she’s already accomplished at WestConn. “I joined Bella Canto, an a cappella group,” she said. “I’m also a member of the Eversion Dance Club on campus, and I’m thinking about adding a minor in theatre to my studies.”

Seo also maintains her high school job at Chipotle in New Milford and drives to New Haven to participate in color guard activities at the University of New Haven. Most of her weekends are spent visiting her grandparents, who live about an hour away. Her schedule feels pretty full. With her AP credits, Seo could probably graduate from WestConn a semester or even a year early, but she insists she wants to stay at WCSU for the full four years. “I don’t want to shorten my college experience,” Seo said. “I’m learning so much and having so much fun.”

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