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Business? Technology? Combine both with a WCSU MIS degree

Darline Fleurimond
Darline Fleurimond
MIS student Darline Fleurimond

DANBURY, Connecticut — For many high school students, the task of deciding where to study and what to study can be daunting. For Darline Fleurimond, a 2022 Stamford High School graduate, the process became easier after she participated in an online “mini MBA” program for girls in high school, Girls with Impact.

“This program played a key role in helping me decide to pursue a business degree,” Fleurimond said. “However, I found myself uncertain about what major within the business realm — until I attended a Western Connecticut State University Ancell School of Business Open House. After hearing a Management Information Systems  professor speak about the program, I knew MIS was for me.”

WCSU Management Information Systems Department Chair and Professor Dr. Tom Yoon said students who have an interest in business and technology and are curious about how technology is used in business are perfect candidates for the MIS program. Those who like to use logic and critical thinking to analyze problems also would benefit from pursuing an MIS degree, he added.

“Management Information Systems is a critical field that combines business and technology to help organizations achieve their goals more effectively,” Yoon explained. “MIS bridges the gap between business and technology and equips students with a solid understanding of both business principles and technological tools, which allows them to comprehend the needs of businesses and use technology to develop solutions that improve efficiency, productivity and profitability.”

This is exactly what Fleurimond had hoped for when enrolling at WCSU. “I’m pursuing a Management Information Systems degree because of my interest in business and the fact that technology is the future,” she said. “MIS is the perfect combination of both. An MIS degree offers diverse career opportunities and provides a holistic understanding of both the technical aspects and the strategic and operational needs of a business. I aspire to be a lifelong learner. Technology is a dynamic field; therefore, continuous learning is essential in this field. I will also be able to use the skills learned in MIS for my entrepreneurial pursuits.”

Yoon cited a list of career possibilities for MIS graduates. Business system analyst, IT project manager, database administrator, network administrator, IT consultant, information security analyst, data science and IT helpdesk technician were just some of the few he mentioned. For a self-starter like Fleurimond, the options are limitless.

A Kathwari Honors student at WCSU, Fleurimond is already active in the university’s Student Government Association (SGA). “I’ve taken on roles such as representative, senator and chair of the Graduating Class Affairs Committee,” she said. “Outside of campus, I have also dedicated my time to getting involved in my local community.” Fleurimond received a Heart & Purpose Scholarship and was named SGA Outstanding Senator in 2022-23.

Fleurimond, who will graduate in 2026, said her decision to study Management Information Systems at WCSU was a good one. “The MIS professors have valuable industry experience and knowledge, which helps prepare us for our careers with their real-world insights. WCSU professors genuinely care for their students’ success and will go the extra mile to provide support. I would recommend WestConn to other students, given the many opportunities available here to help you succeed.”

Yoon said the Ancell School of Business’ Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation, a pinnacle of achievement for business schools, will open doors for graduates like Fleurimond. “Our MIS program was established more than 40 years ago and is one of the first in Connecticut to offer the Information Security curriculum,” he added. “Students can pursue a degree in either MIS or Cybersecurity and benefit from small class sizes, hands-on learning and highly qualified faculty with extensive experience in the MIS field.”

Fleurimond plans to enter the information security field and explore entrepreneurial ventures after graduation. She said her experience in WCSU’s Kathwari Honors Program has provided “a learning environment beyond the traditional classroom setting, offering exclusive classes and access to programs, events and learning experiences just for honors students.” The MIS program, she said, “has provided a structure that allows me to take elective classes so I can customize my education based on my specific interests and career goals.”

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